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Pay Per Call is what we do


There is no other inbound call lead generation solution like Calls by Brand in the market today that effectively maximizes telephony, mobile and data analytics technology to understand consumers’ buy intent and match them with advertisers. 


Call For a Quote

Generic verticals also available :

Auto Insurance

Cable and Satellite



Health Insurance


Lawn Care


Pest Control



Calls by Brand has partnered with top telephony and mobile companies to deliver cutting edge calls through hardware and smartphone technology, connecting brands with their customers at the right place and right time. 


Amazon Echo: a user searches for and calls a business using Alexa, Amazon Echo’s voice assistant, e.g. “Alexa, call a roofer near home.” The system finds and calls the business thus connecting Amazon Echo users to the business.


Apple Siri: A local business profile is integrated into Apple’s ecosystem and made reachable via Siri so that an iPhone user can find and call a business e.g. “Siri call a plumber near me.”


Our SMB product connects consumers in need with a local business at the exact moment they need help most. We deliver qualified consumers directly to your business, building trust with local consumers utilizing a local phone number. Listings are managed nationally, regionally or individually.


All executions are not guaranteed and run at the sole discretion of the publisher:

  • Mobile Native Ads

  • Mobile Banner Ads

  • No Answer

  • IVR Prompt

  • Auto-complete

  • 411 Service - sponsored businesses

  • Amazon Echo

  • Apple Siri


Being able to track successes back to campaigns will help you make important decisions whether expanding or shutting down a campaign, or optimizing for better performance. We can work with most call tracking software as well as provide raw call data from our suppliers to assist in these efforts.

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