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Helping brands achieve greater influence with expertise in location intelligence, customer journey, purchase intent and analytics

Our team works tirelessly to ensure all advertisers receive user generated, inbound callers, looking for information about the brand or category specifically. 

By effectively maximizing telephony and data analytics to understand consumers’ buy intent and match them with specific advertisers we are able to deliver targeted quality callers that convert.

Main methods for generating inbound calls are:

If a call is not picked after 5 or so rings(and if no VM), suggest and recommend an alternative business based on user’s profile and location.

Sponsored businesses are exposed in search results to business inquiries to our 411 service on mobile and residential Telco users)

If a telephone number is dialed (from a handset) and prior to a call setup, inject a prompt or an IVR if the user would like a suggestion to another business in the area.

Auto-complete/suggest "an alternative" business as the telephone numbers are pressed on the dialer (mobile phone). Additional value add can include injection and showing of a coupon or a message from an advertiser


There is no other inbound call lead generation solution like Ooma’s in the market today that effectively maximizes telephony and data analytics technology to understand consumers’ buy intent and match them with advertisers.

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